Why Jesmond is the Only Place You Should Be Living in Newcastle

Published: Tuesday, 27 November 2018 | Author: Georgia Kinahan

When choosing a place to live, you have to look at a combination of factors. Distance from uni, distance to the pub, and price are just a few of them. But deep down all Newcastle students know where they want to live, the magical land of Jesmond. Here are just a few reasons why you should find yourself nesting here.

1. It’s where everyone else is living

I’ll set the scene for you. It’s a dark Thursday morning and you’ve woken up in a stranger’s bed, covered in blue smurf paint that seemed like a really clever idea the evening before but now you look like a decaying corpse. How much more relieved would you feel knowing you only had to walk round the corner to the safety of your house/shower. As they said on daytime television, location location location! (realistically you will run into someone you know on your walk home so just avoid all forms of body paint... you're welcome x)

2. Great places to eat!

In the bleak mid-winter, eating beans on toast for the 4th day in a row is as depressing as your tutor’s inability to remember your name. In Jesmond, you’re spoilt for choice with tasty and reasonably priced places to eat. Half price burgers, pizza, you name it you will be able to eat it

3. It’s genuinely a nice area to live in

Jesmond is considered a pretty posh area to live (there’s a Waitrose which means the avocado intake is obviously very high). It’s that perfect combination between living near the city centre and being affordable! Living in Heaton or Sandyford just isn’t as nice.

4. Osborne Road is the place to go out

Let’s face it: Osborne Road has the best bars and pubs. This is both a blessing and a curse. It also means the prospect of venturing outside of Jesmond seems a massive effort! Our favourite places to booze are 97 & Social and Bar Blanc.

5. £2 Tuesday at Bar Blanc

Cyndi Lauper obviously didn’t have a crippling dependency on alcohol and ASOS because girls just wanna have FUNDS. Never fear, when those purse strings are feeling tight, treat yourself to a mid week tipple at Bar Blanc where drinks are (yes you guessed it) £2 !!!!

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