Exeter Student Houses

Student Cribs are the number one providers of student houses, housing and lettings in Exeter. We arrived in Exeter way back in 2007 and have been acquiring and renovating cribs in the City ever since! 

We have just acquired 10 new luxury cribs in Exeter, they are newly furnished and ready to rent in 2016/17.

Where do students live in Exeter?

The University of Exeter has over 21,000 students and with the University campus being so close to the City Centre, student housing is in a prime location for both. The area in which most students live is just a short 10 minute walk north of the City Centre, in between town and campus, with the most popular streets being those branching off of Union Road, Pennsylvania Road and Longbrook Street. 

When does the student house hunting season start in Exeter? 

The house hunting season starts as early as October and although it does carry on through to January, be sure to book a viewing in early as the Student Cribs houses have usually all been taken off the market by November! 

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