Keele Student Houses

Student Cribs are one of the finest providers of student houses and accommodation in University cities all across the country. After a long time of preparation we are very happy to announce that we will be expanding in Keele! Our newly furnished cribs will be ready for you in the next academic year.

Where to live in Keele as a student?

The area of Keele is smaller in population size compared to others but this makes it all the more pleasant place to live in. The area where most students live is very close to Stoke on Trent but there seems to be a nice mix of students from both universities in all areas. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Silverdale and Kutton and very popular areas to live in. All these areas have a few local shops and definitely the favourite pub and bar that will be inundated with students and student prices. All of our Cribs are just a short bus ride away from Keele University

When does the student house hunting season start in Keele?

The house hunting season for students in Keele starts in November and carries on all the way through until April, with another peak in January and February.

What Student Cribs are there in Keele?

All of out student houses in Keele are either 4 or 5 bedrooms, the ideal number for living with friends in your final years of University. All of the student properties have great communal areas and come fully furnished.

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