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Frequently Asked Questions

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Enter any questions you have about living in one of our Cribs below and it will bring up any frequently asked questions related to your query. If you can not find any information regarding your query then please get in contact with us and one of the team will be happy to help.


Living In Your Crib

It is important to remember that your energy usage is not unlimited. You will be responsible for any additional costs if you exceed your allowance.

Moving Into Your Crib

WiFi is provided in all of our accommodation, and is accessible in each room of the property. Your WiFi access is included in your monthly rent. Due to the nature of WiFi, speeds may vary depending on proximity to the router, the nature of the usage and the number of devices connected at any one time. If you would like to know specifics about WiFi provision at one of our properties please ask your point of contact in the Lettings Team.

Sure thing.

If you’re renting a room you would have an individual tenancy agreement which you can see by clicking here.

If you were renting a house as a group you would have a group tenancy agreement which you can see by clicking here.

Renting a Crib

Your group will only have the house once all the tenancy details forms have been completed, a contract has been sent out, all tenant and guarantors have signed, all remaining retainers have been paid and all identification for tenants and guarantors received. Then the landlord will contract the property and you will be notified of this by email.

We have no admin fees!! They’re unnecessary, dated and stop you from getting the most for your money.

Our standard tenancy length is 52 weeks, unless you are taking one of our houses which is being refurbished (these tenancies are often slightly shorter).

After paying the holding retainer we ask you to fill out a tenant details link that we email over to your whole group. When this is done we send out the tenancy agreement via email.

No problem! We are very happy to send a sample contract to them and answer any questions they may have.

You sign the tenancy agreement online. There are clear instructions when you open the document, please ensure you sign your first and last name (no initials).

Joint and several liability means that both individually and jointly all of the tenants are individually and jointly responsible for paying rent and for all other tenants’ responsibilities during the tenancy.

Do not sign the agreement if you do not understand. On page 3 of the contract there are definitions that should help explain anything that is not clear. You can also give us a call or email Your university should be able to advise you if there is anything you need clarifying.

We also need you to send us proof of you ID (drivers licence or passport) and we need your guarantor to send us proof of ID and proof of address (utility bill or similar dated in the last three months).

After signing your agreement online it will automatically send us a copy so there is nothing you need to do apart from sign.

Your holding deposit reserves the house for 3 working days. In this time you need to send us your documents and sign the tenancy agreement.

This is someone who is willing to guarantee your rent payments on your behalf. This is standard practice with student rental properties due to your employment status. A guarantor is signing the tenancy agreement confirming that they are guaranteeing your obligations in the contract.

Property laws are different outside of the UK. This means that it is not possible for your guarantor to be based elsewhere.

If you do not have a UK based guarantor, you can either use housinghand which will act as a guarantor on your behalf or you can pay all of your rent in one annual upfront payment.

No, there are no fees and no deposits to pay. The £200 holding retainer paid to reserve your property will be deducted from your first month’s rent.

You will need to pay your rent quarterly. The easiest way to ensure your rent is paid on time is to set up online payments via your internet banking. Many of our tenants have found this to be an easy way of making payments with the added benefit of not having to remember payment dates! Once completed please send a print screen confirmation to Alternatively, if you wish to go to the bank to enable payments to be set up for you, please email us for a standing order mandate form. You will then have to fill this out with payment dates and amounts and take this to your bank.

In order to exit your contract you will need to find a replacement tenant to take your room. The rest of your group will need to agree to this person. Once this is done we can reissue a new contract for everyone to sign. Until this happens you are legally contracted and obliged to pay your rent. We can assist with finding a replacement tenant via our Facebook page.

You call the office to pay one £200 holding Retainer. This reserves the property for you and gets the ball rolling. The holding retainer is non-refundable but is deducted from the first month’s rent of the person who paid it. Each of the other members of the house will also need to pay a £200 holding retainer within 2 days after the tenancy agreement is signed.

Make an enquiry on the Student Cribs website and book a viewing using our online booking platform.

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