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185 Liverpool Road
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54 Stubbs Gate
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13 Heath Street
Rooms Available Icon 3 Bed Property
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2 George Street
Rooms Available Icon 4 Bed Property
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Student Cribs offers comfortable, well-equipped houses in the best locations in University cities and towns throughout the UK. Choosing Student Cribs gives you a better standard of living, whilst also giving you the peace of mind that you are living somewhere secure. Enjoying your accommodation will ensure you get the most out of your time at University.

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Superior Management and Maintenance Via Our Bespoke Tenant Portal

Student Cribs' tenants enjoy a much easier and more efficient management and maintenance experience thanks to our custom portal.

Your portal helps you to:

  • Report jobs in your crib
  • Track progress of any reported jobs and see when maintenance personnel are due to attend
  • Speak directly with your property manager on-demand via live chat
  • Keep track of your upcoming rent payments and access a full statement of your account
  • View important documents related to your property and tenancy
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Really reliable for students, and any reported maintenance is carried out quickly and effectively, keeping to Covid-19 guidelines. Would definitely recommend to other students.

Thomas, Stoke

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Well worth the money. I am currently living in my second student cribs house. The decor is modern and homey. Any issues that arise can be flagged up easily to the team by the portal and are dealt with very quickly. Would definitely recommend.

Olivia, Leeds

review star review star review star review star review star

Gorgeous house, modern and warm. Students cribs always answer our queries quickly and have been really helpful. They send out surveys regularly to ensure student voices are heard. Best agency I’ve had in my 4 years at uni.

Laura H, Newcastle

review star review star review star review star review star

Great quality student living clearly maintained to a very high standard.

Marcus, Edinbugh

Student Cribs offer modern and fully furnished Keele student houses, providing high quality off campus Keele University accommodation to 2nd and 3rd year students. With dedicated maintenance managers in Newcastle under Lyme, you will enjoy a stress-free Keele Uni accommodation experience, allowing you to make the most of your time in university. Explore available student houses in Newcastle under Lyme here. Our student lets are available to full groups, and individuals searching for a room in a social and like-minded house share.

Set on a 625-acre rural campus three-miles from Newcastle under Lyme, Keele University is one of the most beautiful campuses in the UK. Keele University boasts a Gold in The Teaching Excellence Framework and was voted number-one in England for Student Satisfaction. These accolades reflect the quality of this historic institution. Student Cribs ensure to match the quality of this institution with our Keele student accommodation. Students at Keele University enjoy the campus’ rolling greenery, vast forests and lakes, while nearby Stoke-on-Trent offers busy bars, shopping and good restaurants.

Explore Student Cribs available Keele student houses. We advise booking viewings for Keele student housing as early as possible, however if you have not yet secured your student housing in Newcastle Under Lyme for the next academic year make sure to check what is available below and book viewings today.

When searching for student houses to rent in Newcastle Under Lyme, it is important to know the best places for students to live in Keele. There are several popular choices for Keele student accommodation in the area. The most in demand area for student accommodation in Newcastle Under Lyme is Silverdale, just North of the main Keele University campus. Most student houses in Silverdale are just 5-minutes away from Keele University by car, making it a great choice for Keele University accommodation. Westlands is also popular among Keele University students who have access to a car, as are student areas closer to Stoke-on-Trent. When selecting where to book your Keele student house, make sure to consider your transport options, your university timetable, and of course where your friends will be living. If you plan to spend a lot of time on campus or at a part-time job, you should consider booking Keele student housing near to these places. If all of your friends have booked their student houses in a particular area and you want to be close to them, consider opting for student accommodation near them.

If you are still unsure where to book your student accommodation in Newcastle Under Lyme, call our team who will be happy to advise.

Keele University accommodation bookings begin in October for the following academic year. This initial period is popular among full groups; typically, groups of friends looking to secure a full student house in Newcastle Under Lyme. If you are looking to secure a full student house, viewing properties in October and November is advisable.

Student houses to rent in Newcastle Under Lyme then book up all the way through to the following Spring and Summer. Usually, student houses open up to individuals who are looking for a spare room in Newcastle Under Lyme in January or February. This period is great for securing Keele Uni accommodation as an individual, or as a small group looking to join other students in a flat share.

If you have not yet secured your Keele Uni accommodation, view our available Keele student houses here and book in viewings for student houses to rent and rooms of interest.

The process of securing student accommodation in Newcastle Under Lyme will vary based on if you are searching for a student house or a room (or a few rooms) in a house share.

If you are looking for a full student house in Keele, booking viewings in October and November is important. This period is when most student housing n Newcastle Under Lyme is made available for the following academic year, so this is when you will have the most choice. Also focus on communal spaces and the quality of appliances. These may seem like small details now, but a student house with a good-sized living room and modern appliances will be hugely appreciated during the year! All our student lets in Newcastle Under Lyme offer great living rooms and kitchens fully kitted out with the most modern appliances. Our living rooms all have lots of seating so that you can socialise with your housemates and friends, and a large flat screen TV.

Looking for a room in a student house in student houses in Newcastle Under Lyme is a different experience. Throughout October and November, many Keele University accommodation providers only let to full groups. This can be frustrating if you are an individual or a small group looking to join a social house share. In January and February, student housing then often opens to individuals and smaller groups. To view student houses in Newcastle Under Lyme that are open to individuals and smaller groups, use the filter on this page and view available student lets in Newcastle Under Lyme.

Student Cribs are the leading provider of 2nd and 3rd year Keele student housing. We offer high quality Keele Uni accommodation with no fees or deposit. All of our student house in Newcastle Under Lyme offer great communal spaces, and have the most modern appliances. Living rooms in each of our student lets in Newcastle Under Lyme include loads of seating for housemates and friends, and a large flatscreen TV. Each bedroom is a double, with a fitted desk and chair, plus fast WIFI and ethernet access to power users. We offer a range of student housing options, both for full groups and individuals. View available Keele student houses here, and book viewings or contact our team or properties you are interested in living in for the next academic year.